EPI-TAG application examples for retail catering
Application example EPI-TAG in retail catering
29. April 2020
EPI-TAG application examples for industry
Application example EPI-TAG in industry
29. April 2020

Application example
EPI-TAG in hospitals

Patients, guests, doctors, nurses and high-quality technology - nowhere in terms of insurance does the balance between personal injury and property damage lie so closely together as in the hospital and the healthcare system in general. Quite apart from the responsibility for life and limb and the operator's responsibility of the responsible persons. In the end, many hospitals are also corporations that have to work "at least to cover costs". A lot going on and in the end the desire for 100% reliability and redundancy - that is the goal, only the reality usually looks different. Even if the will is there, you rarely have full influence on the infrastructure.

Imagine if the power in your hospital fails? - An emergency power generator is already ready? It will only help you if the reason for the power failure is not directly related to your own infrastructure. If there is a power outage at a station because the main electrical or sub-distribution fails or even burns out, a temporary closure of this area is often inevitable.

The greatest risks often lurk where you don't look every day and where the variable components cannot be planned for you. Countless machines, people, changes in bed occupancy and operations and thus a fluctuation in the power supply. Electronic fires in distributors and consumers are among the most common causes of fire worldwide. Overheating in the main and sub-distributions and high consumption of the respective technology can result in fires that pose a great risk to people and property.

Risk factors in the hospital:

  • 100% reliability in the hospital The life of patients depends on it. It must therefore be ensured by all means that all devices function properly and do not fail.
  • Main distribution overload Cable cross-sections that are too large are repeatedly squeezed into terminals that are too small or not tightened to the intended torque.
  • Loose contacts and corrosion in the distributions Over time, due to careless installation or due to corrosion, the contact at the connection points, between cables and distributors, comes off. This leads to:
  • Development of heat through contact resistance Contact resistances due to insufficient cable contact lead to heat development and sometimes fire.

Possible complications:

  • Electrical fires in consumers and electrical distributors The risk factors mentioned at the beginning lead to electrical fires. Large consumers and special devices pose an increased risk here.
  • Property damage and personal injury from fire and fire water Fires repeatedly lead to serious injuries, from smoke poisoning to death. Fire quickly destroys entire buildings. Even the extinguishing water required for a small fire can cause considerable damage to technical systems or in the company's own electricity network.
  • Damage to high-quality medical devices Special devices such as MRI, X-rays, but also the ventilation system in the operating rooms are cost-intensive. Replacing them can quickly mean that there is no budget left for other necessary investments.
  • Cancellation of treatment rooms and negative headlines Even a small fire often makes one or more rooms unusable. This is surpassed by negative reporting. Which patient goes to a hospital where he leaves his fate to someone who doesn't do everything for his health?

EPI-TAG locations:

  • Electronic sub-distributors
  • Main electronic distributors
  • Electronic consumers


  • Fire alarm system
  • Fault reporting system
  • Building management system
  • Building control system
  • Guard service / control center
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