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Application example EPI-TAG in hospitals
29. April 2020
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29. April 2020

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EPI-TAG in industry

As an industrial company, the most important feature is the timely delivery of quality products. You cannot afford disruptions in the production process or even a production shutdown. For you as an operator of an industrial company, operations often involves the highest possible utilization of the machines and the entire production site. The hands and feet of your company are people and machines, but the heart is your electronic distribution and electricity.

The greatest risks are often where you don't look every day and where the variable components cannot be planned for you. Countless machines, people, changes in production output and thus a fluctuation in the power supply. Electronic fires in distribution boards and consumer units are among the most common causes of fire worldwide. Overheating in the main and sub-distributions and high consumption of the respective production machines can cause fires that pose a great risk to people and property.

Risk factors in industry:

  • Production machines can pose particular challenges for any electricity network. It is precisely the simultaneous start-up of several large consumers that leads to peak demands, which can result in high temperatures due to low contact resistance.
  • Main distribution overload Cable cross sections that are too large are repeatedly squeezed into terminals that are too small or are not fastened with the intended torque.
  • Loose contacts and corrosion in the distribution boards over time, due to careless installation or due to corrosion, the contact at the connection points, between cables and distributors, comes off, which leads to:
  • Development of heat through contact resistance Contact resistances due to less cable contact lead to heat development and sometimes fire.

Possible complications:

  • Electrical fires in consumer units and electrical distribution boards The risk factors mentioned at the beginning lead to electrical fires. Large consumers pose an increased risk here.
  • Property damage and personal injury from fire and fire water Fires repeatedly lead to serious injuries, from smoke poisoning to death. Fire quickly destroys entire buildings. Even the extinguishing water required for a small fire can cause considerable damage to production facilities or the electricity network.
  • Loss of sales and profits due to temporary closings If damage to production facilities has occurred due to a fire, the employees can no longer perform their work. This quickly leads to temporary closings or at least to the closure of individual parts of the building.
  • Production loss, CONVENTIONAL PENALTIES and renovation costs In times of just-in-time business and customized production, a temporary loss of production quickly results in high contractual penalties. Damage to increasingly expensive industrial plants and fire-related renovation work can also be very difficult for companies.

EPI-TAG locations:

  • Electronic sub-distributors
  • Main electronic distributors
  • Electronic consumers


  • Fire alarm system
  • Fault reporting system
  • Building management system
  • Building control system
  • Guard service / control center
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With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative, patented and modern approach to the market, which you can use to protect your buildings against electrical and thermal fires. We sell our products through our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer you online training and telephone support. Become a partner of mesafox and EPI-TAG or find a source close to you.

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