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Application example EPI-TAG in hospitals
29. April 2020

Application example
EPI-TAG in retail catering

Processes, personnel planning, speed but also flexibility - retail catering is a more complex business than ever before. Although countless people eat every day at the large and small chains, hardly anyone knows how important a smooth and undisturbed process chain is. No matter in which areas of the world you operate your restaurant or chain - only with an open shop can you be there for your guests and only through your guests will there be sales at the end of the day. Outages and even short-term disruptions have a lasting negative impact on sales and profits.

It doesn't always have to be a big fire and the complete destruction of the property, even relatively small damage in the heart of your business can cause financial imbalance and, in the worst case, closure. The heart of the business? Your main electrical distribution boards! - Nothing works today without electricity. Your cash register systems, your kitchen appliances, the lighting and often even your front door.

The greatest risks are often where you don't look every day and where the variable components cannot be planned by you.Electronic fires in distributors and consumers are among the most common causes of fire worldwide. Overheating in the main and sub-distributions and high consumption in retail catering can result in fires that pose a great risk to people and property.

Risk factors in retail catering:

  • Large consumers in the kitchen area Deep fryers, grills and almost all electrical devices that generate heat can pose particular challenges for the in-house electricity network.
  • Main distribution overload Cable cross sections that are too large are repeatedly pressed into terminals that are too small or are not fastened with the intended torque.
  • Loose contacts and corrosion in the distributions Due to carelessness during assembly, or due to the high moisture and fat content in the air, corrosion at the connection points, between cables and distributors, leads to:
  • Development of heat through contact resistance Contact resistances due to less cable contact lead to heat development and sometimes fire.

Possible complications:

  • Electrical fires in consumers and electrical distributors The risk factors mentioned at the beginning lead to electrical fires. Large consumers pose an increased risk here.
  • Property damage and personal injury from fire and fire water Fires repeatedly lead to serious injuries, from smoke poisoning to death. Fire quickly destroys entire buildings. Even the extinguishing water required for a small fire can cause considerable damage to kitchen equipment or electricity systems.
  • Loss of sales and profits due to temporary closings After a fire, restaurant operations must be stopped until the renovation work is complete, the technical systems are restored and the burnt smell has evaporated. A loss of sales in just a few days can pose a considerable financial risk, especially since many costs continue to accrue.
  • Renovation costs and negative headlines In addition to the loss of sales, renovation work must be paid for. Hungry customers who come to the branch and then stand in front of closed doors are probably the worst advertising that a restaurant can offer. For the press, too, a fire is always a thing to eat.

EPI-TAG locations:

  • Electronic sub-distributors
  • Main electronic distributors
  • Electronic consumers


  • Fire alarm system
  • Fault reporting system
  • Building management system
  • Building control system
  • Guard service / control center
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