EPI-TAG - The solution to avoid fires in electrical systems and distribution boards

Damaged, poor manufacture or loose electrical connections can cause excessive heat and cause a fire in fuse boxes. EPI-TAG works as a patented thermal sensor and monitors the connection points.


Tested according to and compliant with EN 61439-3: 2012, EN / IEC 60691: 2016, EN / IEC 60738-1-1: 2008, EN 60068-2-14, IEC 60898-1: 2003, IEC 60269-1: 2009 and much more from INTERTEK, Schneider Electric and LABC

Increase the security in your electrical systems at any time. We plan every step with you and create a simple and technical solution for the protection of people and property.

With thermal sensors, EPI-TAG monitors your distribution boxes and electrical devices for unusual heating and detects an electrical fire before it happens. EPI-TAG can either inform you or your building services via an alarm system or interrupt the power supply in the distribution box.

EPI-TAG can be installed in new and existing consumer and distribution cabinets, is available in different sizes and can be installed quickly and easily. Retrofitting existing buildings is just as easy as equipping your buildings in new buildings.

Electric fires are currently an important issue for insurance companies and standard committees. Housings of distribution and fuse boxes are similar to electrical devices, always the focus when it comes to fire protection. This response is a growing concern about electrical fires and their consequences. Foreclosure of fire and dangers is a must for the safety of people and property protection We help to make sure that things don't get that far.

mesafox EPI-TAG Mehrfachsensor

EPI-TAG - Multiple sensor T11XX for fuse boxes

Monitors temperatures at connection points within distribution boxes, distributors and devices. Our multiple sensor is available in various sizes and can monitor between two and 18 fuses or protection points at the same time. Switching off the complete power supply in private buildings and apartments in the event of overheating is just as possible as monitoring and alarming the staff in commercial properties.

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mesafox EPI-TAG Einzelsensor

EPI-TAG - single sensor T1150 / T1155 for end devices

The single sensor is intended for use in distribution boxes, power supplies and electrical end devices. The sensors react to the heating of the immediate surroundings and intervene before a fire breaks out. The individual sensors can be configured in such a way that a message is forwarded via an interface to a management system (SmartHome) or the complete power supply in the house is switched off.

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Uncomplicated forwarding of alarms. Connect up to 4 EPI-TAG sensors (or other sensors) with one EPI-TAG COMMUNICATOR. Or connect up to 1000+ EPI-TAG sensors (or other sensors) with an EPI-TAG HUB. Extend the range up to 4 km with our EPI-TAG REPEATER.

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EPI-TAG sources of supply map for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

EPI-TAG - Sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative, patented and modern approach to the market, which you can use to protect your buildings against electrical and thermal fires. We sell our products through our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer you online training and telephone support. Become a partner of mesafox and EPI-TAG or find a source close to you.

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