EPI-TAG - How it works

Damaged or loose electrical connections can cause excessive heat and cause a fire in fuse boxes. EPI-TAG works as a patented thermal sensor and monitors the connection points.

1. Installation

EPI-TAG in use. Installation and activation.

1.1 Installation of the EPI-TAG

In the first step, the EPI-TAG is installed in the main electrical and sub-distribution boards, in electrical devices, in machines or in other risk areas. The installation and fastening is carried out using the supplied cable routing systems (a type of cable tie) with which both the EPI-TAG multiple sensor and the EPI-TAG individual sensors are fixed at the installation point.

The EPI-TAG is not firmly screwed to a component or otherwise integrated into the electrical system, but only lies superficially on the component to be monitored. This enables quick and inexpensive installation within a few minutes. You will find specific installation instructions with all safety instructions in our data sheets.

1.2 Connection options for EPI-TAG

After installing the EPI-TAG, you have many options for using the signal from the EPI-TAG sensors when triggered. The connection to existing and standardized systems is possible without much effort. A selection of activation options:

  • Fault and fire alarm systems
  • Building management system (e.g. with WAGO controller on WinGuard)
  • Guard service and control center via dialing devices (e.g. Securitas)
  • Shutdown of machines or power supply via potential-volt free contact

The connection is made via a potential-volt free contact and interface modules (couplers) from the respective manufacturer. You can obtain information on the required coupler from your installer.

2. Inspection and repair

EPI-TAG im Einsatz. Der Betrieb und die Funktion.

2.1 Triggering from the EPI-TAG

The patented EPI-TAG sensor was developed for the thermal monitoring of electrical equipment in distribution boxes and consumers. If the monitored electrical equipment heats up, it is recognized by the EPI-TAG and the contact in the sensor is switched at 80 ° C (± 5 ° C).

80 ° C (± 5 ° C) is usually min. 10 ° C above the maximum thermal load in electrical main and sub-distributions as well as electrical consumers (devices). Some coils of contactors and other components can of course have higher maximum temperatures. In such an application example, the EPI-TAG is fixed in another position where the maximum temperature must not exceed 80 ° C (± 5 ° C).

The EPI-TAG reacts before combustion starts.

2.2 Alerting and reporting

In the event of danger, the initiation of suitable countermeasures is crucial to save human lives and material goods. The EPI-TAG triggers at 80 ° C (± 5 ° C) at a temperature at which timely action leads to little or no damage to property or personal injury. A catalog of measures is the most effective way to ensure a short response time.

  • Incoming messages via the table of the hazard detection system
  • Message receipt via a building management system
  • Alert the control center (e.g. Securitas) using the appropriate dialing devices
  • Alerting via an interface module and SMS etc.

2.3 Inspection and repair

After the alarm comes the inspection, repair of the defective connection points or the replacement of defective components. If your employee or the security guard is informed about the control center, they can use a thermal detector to localize the overheated connection point and initiate further measures.


Frequently asked questions about the EPI-TAG

Why should I use the EPI-TAG?
The EPI-TAG trips before it burns. It prevents fire before it starts and thus protects life and health on the one hand and property on the other.
Where is the EPI-TAG used?
The EPI-TAG can be used wherever temperature monitoring should take place. you can find some application examples under application examples.
Difference to the fire protection switch
The EPI-TAG reacts to the temperature at the point at which it is used. Usually at electrical connection points. It is a mechanical system with a very high level of reliability. The fire protection switch, on the other hand, checks whether there is an arcing. The risk of heating is greatest at the electrical connection point.
What does the EPI-TAG cost?
The price of the EPI-TAG is so low in relation to the damage it prevents and the fire costs and negative publicity that it is worth the effort. enquire now and we will send you a price list.
How does an electric fire start?
An electrical resistance fire is caused by increased contact resistance. These occur when there is insufficient contact area at connection points. The reasons for this are, for example, terminals that have been tightened with the wrong torque or that have come loose after some time. Corrosion or cable sheathing that has also been introduced into a connection point are also conceivable as triggers for an electrical fire
Why is annual thermography not enough?
Thermography is always just a snapshot. Electric fires do not arise over years, but mostly in a much shorter period of time. The reason for this lies in the "way of creation". Furthermore, new consumers are gradually being added to circuits that were not taken into account in the last annual thermography. These can also lead to an electrical fire.
Who uses the EPI-TAG for me?
The EPI-TAG itself is simply placed on top of the distributions and then coupled depending on the type of application. However, it may only be installed by a qualified electrician. You can find details on the installation options in our data sheets. We are happy to help you find a qualified electrician near you.

Application examples

EPI-TAG in use. Take a look around and discover our application examples.
EPI-TAG application examples for hotels
EPI-TAG application examples for retail catering
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EPI-TAG map for sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

EPI-TAG - Sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative, patented and modern approach to the market, which you can use to protect your buildings against electrical and thermal fires. We sell our products through our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer you online training and telephone support. Become a partner of mesafox and EPI-TAG or find a source close to you.

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