Our company

We support electricians, builders, owners and operators of commercial and industrial companies in increasing the security of their electrical systems.


With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative and modern approach to the market with future-proof products that protect your residential and commercial areas against electric fire.

EPI-TAG fuse mood

A great team for new approaches

We apply new system approaches to save unnecessary costs and time for early fire detection.

With the latest technology, efficiency is no longer in conflict with costs, quality or sustainability. Led by a team that combines the know-how of technology, design, regulations, guidelines, manufacturing process and construction, we increase your safety in the electrical systems and distribution boxes.

mesafox has access to 100+ employees, offices at six locations in Germany, a growing number of customers and dozens of active projects.
Planning construction sites

Innovative. Flexible. Fast. Certified.

We believe that the global construction and housing industry, which costs several trillion dollars, is ready for changes in the security of your buildings.

We are ready to support builders and owners to minimize this risk. mesafox and EPI-TAG bring the technological innovations that the cooperatives, owners, tenants and operators need to protect their property against electrical fires.