Uncomplicated forwarding of alarms

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Connect up to 4 EPI-TAG sensors (or other sensors) with one EPI-TAG COMMUNICATOR


Product spec

Size / Power: Data:
Size: 133 x 75 x 28 mm 20 min status check
Weight: 200 g 24 hour reporting
3 x AA battery Accessories:
Long battery life Removable wall bracket
Warranty - 3 years* Spare security seal labels
Sub-Ghz wireless
4 x push-fit connections for 2 wire sensors
Internal I2C sensor

* Product can be re-certified and tested at the end of the warranty period.


Connect up to 1000+ EPI-TAG sensors (or other sensors) with an EPI-TAG HUB



Product Spec

Size / Power: Data:
Size: 150 x 150 x 44mm 30 Days storage (onboard)
Weight: 380g Unlimited with data
Backup battery - 3 hours*  UX / UI:
Warranty - 2 years Cellular modem
Connectivity: 16 button keypad
Sub-Ghz wireless 100 db Alarm
Bluetooth LE 5.0 Accessories:
WiFi 2,4 / 5 Ghz Cellular modem
Gigabit Ethernet Wall mounting bracket
2x USB 3.0 Externally mounted

* Backup battery only, to be used in case of loss of main power.


Extend the range up to 4 km with our EPI-TAG REPEATER.



Product spec

Size / Power: Data:
Size: 100 x 85 x 35mm* Continuous
Weight: 220g Accessories
Waterproofing: IP67 Removable wall bracket
Battery - up to 30 days** Pole mount
5V DC input***
Warranty - 2 years
Sub-Ghz wireless
Mesh networking
Sensor input

* Not including antenna and DC power source.
** 24 hours in SITE mode - up to 30 days in LONE mode.
*** Can be powered by mains, solar or wind.

EPI-TAG map for sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

EPI-TAG - Sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative, patented and modern approach to the market, which you can use to protect your buildings against electrical and thermal fires. We sell our products through our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer you online training and telephone support. Become a partner of mesafox and EPI-TAG or find a source close to you.

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