EPI-TAG - Multiple sensor T11XX for distribution boards

EPI-TAG multiple sensors T1102 to T1118 offer significant protection in your distribution boards and distribution boxes.

Excessive heat or fire is detected and action is taken immediately. Suitable for use in private homes, apartments and commercial properties as well as in industry. The EPI-TAG sensor is activated and activated by reacting to temperatures of 80 ° C (± 5 ° C) and above all signs of fire.

Your system can be configured in such a way that you interrupt the circuit directly when the sensors are activated, for example to cool down your distribution box. Another option is to connect to a fault or fire alarm system, a building management system, a building management system or with an interface module to a control center / security service, so that the most important people (building technology etc.) are alerted in real time. The EPI-TAG multiple sensor is easy to install and can be retrofitted by your electrician during the routine e-check (DGUV test). Our EPI-TAG multiple sensor is available in different sizes from 2-18 sensors. The sensors are installed above the usual fuses in the distribution box.


  • Offers protection against overheating in electrical consumers and distribution boxes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Connection to existing fire alarm and other security systems via a suitable interface
  • Works at 80 ° C (± 5 ° C)
  • High reliability in the normal temperature range
  • Two-meter cable for connection to various systems such as WES-REACT
  • Complies with the RoHS directive 2011/65 / EU
  • Components in flame retardant ABS plastic
  • Glow wire flammability index according to IEC 60695-2-12
  • Patented and extensively certified and approved

Application examples

EPI-TAG in use. Take a look around and discover our application examples.

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EPI-TAG application examples for industry
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EPI-TAG - Sources of supply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With EPI-TAG, mesafox brings an innovative, patented and modern approach to the market, which you can use to protect your buildings against electrical and thermal fires. We sell our products through our partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and offer you online training and telephone support. Become a partner of mesafox and EPI-TAG or find a source close to you.

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