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Application example EPI-TAG in industry
29. April 2020
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29. April 2020

Application example
EPI-TAG in hotels

Summer, sun, vacation or winter, snow, ape ski - no matter in which regions of the world you operate your hotel or your hotels - only with an open hotel can you be there for your guests and only through your guests, it comes at the end of the day Daily sales. For you as a hotel operator, operational business is often about the highest possible occupancy. But what happens if your hotel is closed for renovations? Everything planned do you say? - Renovation work by electronic fire and the associated extinguishing work is unlikely to be.

The greatest risks often lurk where you don't look every day and where the variable components cannot be planned for you. Countless guests from all over the world and at least as many connected electronic devices that also want to be used in the hotel. Electronic fires in distributors and consumers are among the most common causes of fire worldwide. Overheating in the main and sub-distributions and high consumption of your guests' electronic devices brought along can cause fires that pose a great risk to people and property.

Risk factors in hotels:

  • Consumers brought by guests Consumers on, lights off. Kettles, straighteners, hairdryers, irons, you have no control over the devices your customers bring with them.
  • Overloading the sub-distribution If too many consumers are switched on in a subdistribution, this can lead to an overload in the subdistribution.
  • Loose contacts and corrosion in the distributions Over time, due to careless assembly or corrosion, the contact at the connection points, between cables and distributors, loosens, which leads to:
  • Development of heat through contact resistance Contact resistances due to less cable contact lead to heat development and sometimes fire.

Possible complications:

  • Electrical fires in consumers and electrical distributors The risk factors mentioned at the beginning lead to electrical fires. These spread quickly over textiles or furniture. In no time an entire room is on fire.
  • Personal injury and property damage from fire and fire water (personal injury in the first place) Fires repeatedly lead to serious injuries, from smoke poisoning to death. Fire quickly destroys entire buildings. Even the extinguishing water required for a small fire can cause considerable damage to the interior. Just like the smell anchored deep in the rooms.
  • Loss of sales and profits due to temporary closings After a fire, hotel operations must be stopped at least in some areas until the renovation work is completed. During this time, the scheduled guests cannot come, which in turn leads to lost sales.
  • Renovation costs and negative headlines In addition to the financial challenge, a fire always damages the image. Which guest voluntarily sleeps in a hotel by not doing everything to ensure their own survival?

EPI-TAG locations:

  • Electronic sub-distributors
  • Main electronic distributors
  • Electronic consumers


  • Fire alarm system
  • Fault reporting system
  • Building management system
  • Building control system
  • Guard service / control center
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